Message from the President

Fragile Reading

On behalf of our NPO, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your warm hospitality and share with you my message on “Reading”. Although reading is nothing but the culture to make the world we live richer, to begin with, the reading itself is open to question. Can we call just opening a book “reading”? Or can we call reading only several sentences or pages “reading”?. In our NPO, the reading includes such activities because such fragile reading may give us some opportunities for the rich book life. This is why our NPO has been spreading the fun of reading for more than 15 years in Japan. And now I start to pay carefully attention to the scenes, impressions and environments of reading itself rather than the contents of books. We believe the fragile reading itself helps people to find hope for our revival of culture. Shall we make the world better with reading together ?



@ Phnom Penh 2017

President KODO Tenco