Why don’t you spread the reading as our NPO member together ? We support the events related with reading to give good books to the children with limited opportunities for the reading at home and abroad.
NPO法人の会員として、ともに読書普及活動をしていきませんか。私たちは読書関連のイベント支援を行うことで、国内外の読書の機会に恵まれない子供たちに本を寄附する活動(#ホントコ Project)をしています。


Our Activities / 活動内容

Popular reading / 読書普及

Reprint of some book / 本の復刻

Storytelling / 読みきかせ

We back up some book events or book parties at home and abroad to spread the fun of reading; reprinting some great book which we should leave to posterity or storytelling for children or dogs.

Vision / 立命

Regional Revitalization &
International Support with Reading